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Fee and Procedure for patent renewal in India - India’s Patent Act mandates patent holders to pay renewal or maintenance fee for keeping their patents in force for the entire term. Like most countries, patents in India are granted for a period of 20 years from the date of filing of the application, and international filing date in case Continue Reading
Initiative to crush Indian pharma generic industry #PatINFORMED - @WIPO & @IFPMA launch #PatINFORMED – a new online tool designed to help procurement agencies better understand the global #patent status of #medicines The Patent Information Initiative for Medicines (Pat-INFORMED) is a resource where patent holders provide information about patents covering approved medicines through a free, open access database. This Continue Reading
पेटेन्ट मिलने के बाद पेटेन्ट करानेवाले को ओर क्या करना होता है? - पेटेन्ट मिलने के बाद हर पेटेन्ट करानेवाले को प्रत्येक वर्ष अनुसूची में निर्धारित नवीकरण शुल्क अदा करके पेटेन्ट कायम रखना होता है। पहले दो वर्ष तक कोई नवीकरण शुल्क नहीं होता। नवीकरण शुल्क तीसरे वर्ष और उसके पश्चात् देय होता है। नवीकरण शुल्क अदा नहीं करने पर पेटेन्ट स्थगित हो Continue Reading
क्या पेटेन्ट कार्यालय पेटेंटेड उत्पाद के ग्राहक ढूंढने में मदद करता ह क्याै ? - पेटेन्ट कार्यालय पेटेंटेड उत्पाद के ग्राहक ढूंढने में कोई मदद नही करता है। पेटेन्ट के वाणिज्यीकरण में पेटेन्ट कार्यालय की कोई भूमिका नहीं होती। किन्तु पेटेन्ट के संबंध में जानकारी पेटेन्ट कार्यालय के जर्नल में छापी जाती है और पेटेन्ट कार्यालय की वेबसाइट पर भी डाली जाती है, जो पूरी Continue Reading
A Short Event on Promoting Innovation, Creativity & IP Generation - Event Description : The main aim of the event is to bring awareness among the people about Intellectual property rights. In contrast to physical property, intellectual property is an intangible asset of a person. They are the legally recognized exclusive rights to creations of the mind. Every creative work requires Continue Reading
Indian Patent Data - #IndianPatentData now Available in #PATENTSCOPE The national patent collection of India is now available in WIPO’s global patent search system #PATENTSCOPE. Coming soon how to search indian patent data in wipo
Ease of building Patent Search Platform now with Google Patents Public Datasets - Now patent data got cheaper with the launch of new Patents Public Datasets by Google based on the company’s owned enterprise data warehouse BigQuery, which gathers openly available, associated database tables for exact investigation of the worldwide patent framework. Enterprises often keep up accumulations of private information about patents, for Continue Reading
WIPO का नया AI आधारित टूल : WIPO TRANSLATE - पेटेंट दस्तावेजों के लिए विश्व बौद्धिक संपदा संगठन (WIPO) का आर्टिफिशयल इंटेलिजेंस (एआई) आधारित अनुवाद उपकरण अब दस भाषाओं में उपलब्ध है। WIPO Translate एक तत्काल अनुवाद उपकरण है जो विशेष रूप से पेटेंट दस्तावेजों के लिए डिज़ाइन किया गया है, जिनका अनुवाद करना अत्यधिक चुनौतिपूर्ण होता है । WIPO Continue Reading
WIPO और IFPMA कि नई पहल : Pat-INFORMED - आज, WIPO के महानिदेशक, Francis Gurry और इंटरनेशनल फेडरेशन ऑफ फार्मास्युटिकल मैन्युफैक्चरर्स एंड एसोसिएशन (IFPMA) के महानिदेशक Thomas Cueni ने दवाओं के पेटेंट सूचना पहल (Pat-INFORMED) की स्थापना के लिए इस सप्ताह चल रही WIPO कि सदस्य राज्यों की आम सभा के दौरान हस्ताक्षर किए जिसका उद्देश्य दवाइयों की खरीद Continue Reading
Yoga related Patents - Yoga related Patents-State of Art Search
Decoding Allergan-Mohawk Deal in Hindi. - पेटेंट कानून का विचित्र कोण ? Decoding Allergan-Mohawk Deal in Hindi. आईपीआर अर्थात inter partes review की मार  से अमेरिकी पेटेंटों को प्रतिरक्षित करने में मदद करने का एक अनोखा तरीका हाल ही में उभर कर आया है - " संप्रभु प्रतिरक्षा द्वारा बचाव " जिसे अंग्रेजी में “Sovereign Immunity Defense” कहते Continue Reading
How to Register IPR in India - According to the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), intellectual belongings refers to creations of thoughts: innovations; literary and creative works; and symbols, names and pictures used in commerce. It can be bifurcated into two categories : 1. Industrial assets which incorporates patents for innovations, commercial designs, logos, and geographical indications. Continue Reading
Who claims the software, I simply paid to have developed? Who Owns What? - A typical copyright misinterpretation is that if a enterprise pays to have software built up, the software is a work made for hire and is naturally owned by an enterprise. In any case, that is not always true. Hinging on this confusion can bring about a enterprise not owning software Continue Reading
One-Click Purchase is no more a monopoly in World - Amazon looses its exclusive hold on one of the most contentious patents of the internet age. A simple non-obvious invention which even a novice programmer  can reproduce, that paybacks a company a hefty amount of money is no more the golden egg laying hen for the ecommerce company. Of course Continue Reading
one click patent US5960411 Method and system for placing a purchase order at website - one click patent US5960411 i.e Method and system for placing a purchase order at website From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  1-Click, also called one-click or one-click buying, is the technique of allowing customers to make online purchases with a single click, with the payment information needed to complete the purchase having been entered by the user Continue Reading
INNOVATOR’s PATENT AGREEMENT - Sample agreement taken from "Innovators Patent Agreement" © 2012 Twitter, Inc, used under a Creative Commons Attribution Unported license: INNOVATOR’s PATENT AGREEMENT (IPA), Version 1.0 This INNOVATOR’s PATENT AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) is made between the person(s) named below (collectively referred to as “Inventors”) and [COMPANY NAME], a [State of Incorporation] Continue Reading
Sample Patent Agreement - Innovators Patent Agreement The Innovators Patent Agreement (IPA) is a new way to do patent assignment that keeps control in the hands of engineers and designers. It is a commitment from a company to its employees that patents can only be used for defensive purposes. The company will not use Continue Reading
Patent Searching & Mapping - A workshop on Patent Searching & Mapping is designed for IP Strategists, Patent Re-searchers, Patent Attorneys, R&D professionals at CSIR National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Kerala on 16th May 2012.