Information Technology Consulting

Information Technology is the use of computers and software to manage the information. Computers play the important role in information technology. We can say IT is a technology to maximize the efficiency and production and improves the working efficiency. The world has become a Global HUB due to developments of IT.

  • Product Maintenance Service The scope of Product Maintenance Service covers upkeep & smooth working of the equipment within the user department. Service provider shall deploy trained, experienced and competent technical personnel for carrying out required Preventive Maintenance for the equipment as per bench marked maintenance practices / OEM manuals and to Provide and maintain proper & efficient engineering services. Know more
  • Networking and Data Center Specialists Networking and Data Centre Specialists facilitates the hiring of Agencies to provide resources for high level consultancy and other IT related solutions. The scope of “IT Professional Outsourcing Services” is to provide specified number of IT professional manpower resources with requisite and prescribed qualifications and experience, to function and perform as per agreed terms and conditions. Based ... Know more
  • Software Support Service Software Support Services are utilized for healthy upkeep and maintenance of the Portfolio of Software Products that Buyer has implemented within their environment. The Broad Scope of work has been defined in the SLA under-  Proactive Services  Reactive Services  Dedicated Support Engineer Know more
  • Human resources Outsourcing Service Technical Manpower Outsourcing Service Technical Manpower Service includes manpower with expertise in the fields of IT and operation, maintenance of equipment and machines, inspection, testing and quality control with assurance. Job responsibilities # Category (Office) Scope of Work 1 Administrative Operator or Office Assistant or Executive Assistant Create and manages documentation in electronic and hard copy formats.Assist with program planning and development. Indicate rule ... Know more
  • Product Lease Service Product Lease Service Product Lease Service is a Service  under which one party agrees to rent a new product owned by another party. It guarantees the lessee, use of the product and guarantees the lessor, regular payments from the lessee for a specified number of months or years It guarantees the lessee, use of the product and guarantees the lessor, regular ... Know more
  • AMC Networking Devices Siddhast will provide AMC services for networking equipment as per details given below:-. The work includes the following: 1. Technical support and diagnosis in case of failure of network equipments. 2. Supplying the replacement spare parts to the location where the faulty equipment is located and part will be replaced by user. 3. All the devices/components should be functional ... Know more
  • IT Consulting IT Consulting Know more
  • Scanning and Digitization Service Scanning and Digital Imaging is the conversion of physical documents and images of any kind, in any format, into their digital equivalents. Reduction in physical space requirements and a much quicker document search and retrieval are just two of the many benefits of digitizing your paperwork. It is always imperative for any organization to meet accepted standards for managing ... Know more
  • IT-Training Even with well-defined processes and a properly implemented enabling architecture, you still need people to make it all happen. Those people need to be equipped with the knowledge of how to use the architecture to execute the process; they need to understand why what they do is important and the value it brings. We know the ... Know more
  • Clouds Infrastructure Cloud infrastructure refers to the hardware and software components — such as servers, storage, a network and virtualization software — that are needed to support the computing requirements of a cloud computing model. Know more

  • Data Analytics Service Data Analytics Services provides Buyers the capability to analyse large volume of business data, transform the data into intelligence and insight, and deliver this intelligence and insight to their business processes and business users. Such a comprehensive Data Analytics Module allows the Buyer to customize notification of certain indicators that the Buyer is interested in ... Know more