Training IR(Information Retrieval)

Siddhast® is known worldwide for Information Retrieval consulting services and we are now helping others to become more proficient in Information Retrieval via 1 and 2-day training workshops.In all workshops attendees go through several sequences of short lectures followed by interactive, group, hands-on exercises. All training are delivered by one of our experts — engineers


Training programe is designed specifically for beginners, so as to provide them the knowledge about the importance of Intellectual Property Rights and its benefits

  • IP awareness workshop
  • IP awareness onsite workshop
  • IP awareness remote training

Scientific Information Retrieval

There are various patent databases and scientific information tools, which need certain skill sets to retrieve the information in a cost effective way. Keeping this in mind, we have designed a workshop on Scientific Information Retrieval, which is projected to enhance the online searching skills of individual through the powerful features of Patent Search tools. This designing has been done after untiring efforts so as to provide the clients with an insight to index patent databases. The workshop is aimed at brushing up the skills, which are needed to conduct comprehensive, yet cost-effective, searches. Also, it will make search easier and precise, thereby, giving a clear view about the patents and the scientific information.

  • Scientific Information Retrieval awareness workshop
  • Scientific Information Retrieval awareness onsite workshop
  • Scientific Information Retrieval awareness remote training