Even with well-defined processes and a properly implemented enabling architecture, you still need people to make it all happen. Those people need to be equipped with the knowledge of how to use the architecture to execute the process; they need to understand why what they do is important and the value it brings.
We know the industry and its tools inside and out, and we can give you the knowledge you need not only to make it all work, but to show your user community the value it brings to your enterprise. Moreover, we help you understand how to adapt your messaging to different constituencies and contexts so you’re transferring the right knowledge to the right people.
Professional Training Service

specialized training or advanced professional learning intended to improve the professional skills, knowledge, competence, and effectiveness.

Scope of this service includes as:

– Providing training to the client employees as per the prescribed requirement.

– Providing the content and material required to all the trainees during the training session.

– Provision of appropriate induction kit (if required) or mention by client with appropriate content including complete schedule of the training, stationary (if required), study material etc.

Siddhast Obligations

· Training content and material in accordance with the rank/job of the trainee.

· All the training planning and control provided

·Training content clearly defined around the client requirement.

· Exam/review after the completion of course/subject to check the trainee’s understanding on topic.

· expertise and equipped on the subject matter of the training to be conducted.

· Training curriculum/content, methodology and training plan (both theory and practical) as per syllabus recognized by certifying agency.

· In case client has requirement of conducting examination for the trainees, Siddhast ensure assessment and declaration of results within 30 days of completion of batch. If a candidate fails in the assessment, then she/he is retrained for re-assessment and certification.

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