HAM (Hardware Asset Management)

Hardware Asset Management (HAM)

Hardware Asset Management (HAM) is the management of physical components (desktops, laptops) and computer networks from the procurement stage to the retirement of the asset. HAM needs to be part of organisations overall scope and processes need to be aligned with other IT processes to ensure HAM is a big part of IT.

Just like software, hardware needs to be managed correctly to ensure the organisation is making the most out of the asset. Processes need to be in place to manage the asset from the point of request, to the moment the asset is retired.

Effectively managing hardware assets can also have an impact on the amount of time it takes to fix hardware problems. With the correct HAM processes in place, and a good education and understanding of said processes and hardware asset management in general, end users will see the time it takes to fix, request or procure hardware dramatically reduced. This in turn leaves the ITSM team to concentrate on other areas.