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  • Manage IP information throughout its life cycle

    Siddhast in-house software engineering and development team has extremely strong capabilities with a number of open source development technologies, software environments and platforms which are of high quality, extreme scalable, agile and cost effective. Manage IP information services can be leveraged to convert your requirements into a solution.

    • Content Management
    • Records Management
    • Capture
    • Big Data
    • Archiving
    • Content-Centric Applications
    • Retrieval and Discovery
    • Auto-Classification
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  • Information retrieval Software development consulting Services

    Siddhast’ in-house software engineering and development team has extremely strong capabilities with a number of open source development technologies, software environments and platforms which are of high quality, extreme scalable, agile and cost effective. Our Information retrieval Software development consulting Services can be leveraged to convert your requirements into a solution

    Our Information retrieval software development consulting service covers the entire cycle of enterprise information management – from creation to archival. Our important focus is in retrieval

    • Content Management
    • Records Management
    • Capture
    • Big Data
    • Archiving
    • Content-Centric Applications
    • Retrieval and Discovery
    • Auto-Classification
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  • Upgrade and maintenance

    Team at Siddhast can be brought in to carry out customization and upgrade of existing IP information project.

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  • IP Knowledge

    Reduce spend on IP Information and improve IP knowledge

  • Information security

    Siddhast deals in the entire range of Digital signature and certificate and licensed Information security software products.

    • Class 3 DSC for patent and trademark filing
    • Class 2 Certificate for Income TAX and e-procurement
    • Signing and Encryption certificate
    • Server Certificates
    • SSL Extended validation certificates
    • SSL implementation consulting
    • Information security audit consultancy
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  • IP Business Process Services

    At Siddhast IP Business Process Services (BPS) we understand need of customers, and our aim is to bring to you a combination of operational excellence, industry expertise and transformation capabilities

    IP Law firms in the US and UK are constantly struggling to be more efficient while keeping the operational costs low and ensuring higher profitability. At the same time, in-house corporate Intellectual departments are finding it difficult to remain lean and still manage legal risks as well as legal spend efficiently.

    Siddhast IP Business Process Services (BPS) solutions leverage domain expertise of our experienced IP professionals combined with the latest technology to deliver excellent business results across client engagements globally.

    Technology expertise include Life sciences, Information and communication technology and Renewable energy

    We leverage technology to automate repetitive tasks and increase efficiency while reducing human errors thereby taking the burden off corporate legal departments to enable you focus on core functions instead of handling large volumes of IPR paperwork. We help you with

    • Cost Saving: Significant cost savings for a IP law firm or a corporate IPR department
    • Expertise on Need Basis: Access to high quality legal support or capability through experienced IPR professionals
    • Information Security: Stringent data security protection to ensure 100% compliance
    • Increased technology driven automation of repetitive tasks, especially handling large volumes of documents
    • Multiple Delivery Options: On-site, onshore, near-shore, offshore, multi-shore and hybrid

    We help you optimize and reduce your spend on improving your IPR processes with the following services:

    • Patent drafting, e-filing and docketing services
    • Trademark e-filing and docketing services
    • Design e-filling and docketing service
    • Patent Prior Art Services & Invention Disclosure preparation & management
    • Patentability and novelty searches
    • Invalidation and infringement analysis, Evidence of Use, Claim Chart/mapping, FTO analysis
    • Portfolio management, IP due diligence
    • Competitive landscape analysis, white space analysis
    • Technology watch
    • Trademark watch
    • Researchers Searches:
    • Scientific Literature Watch
    • Competition Tracking
    • Patent Infringement Watch
    • Prosecution Watch
  • Technology Transfer

    Ideas are the result of a thought process. An idea can go waste if it is not conceptualized. Therefore, for ideas to be termed as innovations, it is important to put them on paper. For this reason, the idea needs to be shared. The process of sharing these skills, knowledge, ideas and technologies with various government bodies and institutions to increase awareness and accessibility to a wider range of users is what is called as technology transfer. In simple words, we provide a platform to our clients for sharing knowledge and skills with a wider base, in order to generate income. “From conceptualization to commercialization” is what this process is referred as.

    DIPro – Development of Ideas into Proto-type

    We, at Siddhast, do not let the ideas go waste. Committed towards developing ideas into proto-types, we help our clients in generating income. With the pace at which advancements are being made in all fields of technology, it becomes mandatory to convert simple and innovative ideas into real-time prototypes, so as to benefit the human kind by generating revenue and adding to the national wealth. We, as a facilitator, play an important role in technology transfer by assisting researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers in developing their ideas into proto-types. Our role does not end here. Ideas lead to innovations, and innovations generate the need for Intellectual Property. At Siddhast, under one roof, all these activities are taken care of.

    Benefits of Technology Transfer:

    • An increase in the number of innovations, further, increases the possibility of generation of economic income.
    • When ideas are shared, it opens the doors to a vast amount of knowledge that can be utilized by entrepreneurs, universities and R&D centers.
    • Conceptualization to commercialization is achieved at a much faster pace.
    • The cost of R&D drastically gets reduced.

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  • IP Business Intelligence & Analytic

    Business Intelligence is a systematic way of gathering data, analyzing the factors involved and utilizing the same while making decisions. This approach is especially helpful for companies that have plans of expanding their empire or are launching a new product. It is also helpful for those who are required to make critical business decisions that involve mergers & acquisitions and implementation of corporate strategies.

    Utilizing business intelligence from Intellectual Property Rights can help an organization in following a pro-active approach. Relevant data needs to be extracted from the Patent Database, which is where the concept of Patent Mapping comes in picture. With Patent Mapping Tool, the existing patents can be mapped and analyzed in order to determine the risks involved and the opportunities it offers. A comprehensive SWOT analysis can be done using this tool and according the strategies can be devised.

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  • Defensive publication

    A E-Notary publication, or defensive disclosure, is an intellectual property strategy used to prevent another party from obtaining a patent on a product, apparatus or method for instance. The strategy consists in disclosing an enabling description and/or drawing of the product, apparatus or method so that it enters the public domain and becomes prior art.Therefore, the defensive publication of perhaps otherwise patent-able information may work to defeat the novelty of a subsequent patent application.

    One reason why companies decide to use defensive publication over patents is cost. In the United States, for example, to obtain a published patent application, one must incur at least filing fee, examination fee, search fees, and early publication fees, and meet the filing requirements for a proper patent application.

    “The defensive publication route is especially useful for innovations that do not warrant the high costs incurred in patent applications but to which scientists do want to retain access.

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  • Training IR(Information Retrieval)

    Siddhast® is known worldwide for Information Retrieval consulting services and we are now helping others to become more proficient in Information Retrieval via 1 and 2-day training workshops.In all workshops attendees go through several sequences of short lectures followed by interactive, group, hands-on exercises. All training are delivered by one of our experts — engineers


    Training programme is designed specifically for beginners, so as to provide them the knowledge about the importance of Intellectual Property Rights and its benefits

    • IP awareness workshop
    • IP awareness onsite workshop
    • IP awareness remote training

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    Scientific Information Retrieval

    There are various patent databases and scientific information tools, which need certain skill sets to retrieve the information in a cost effective way. Keeping this in mind, we have designed a workshop on Scientific Information Retrieval, which is projected to enhance the online searching skills of individual through the powerful features of Patent Search tools. This designing has been done after untiring efforts so as to provide the clients with an insight to index patent databases. The workshop is aimed at brushing up the skills, which are needed to conduct comprehensive, yet cost-effective, searches. Also, it will make search easier and precise, thereby, giving a clear view about the patents and the scientific information.

    • Scientific Information Retrieval awareness workshop
    • Scientific Information Retrieval awareness onsite workshop
    • Scientific Information Retrieval awareness remote training

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