About Us

About Us

We, at Siddhast, understand the importance of innovations and out-of-the-box thinking. Since, innovations are the result of creativity which speaks volumes about the original works. We bring forth to our clients a complete range of Intellectual Property Solutions.

  • Our Benefits
    • Quality Service
    • Availability
    • Cost Effectiveness
    • Reliability
    • Expertise in IP
    • Cutting edge open source technologies
  • Why Siddhast

    In a very short duration, we have earned recognition by providing excellent services to our clients. Backed by our Paid Search Databases, we have been engaged in offering excellent services to all our clients. Our comprehensive Patent Database comprises of nearly 50 million records covering 94 countries. Such an extensive coverage has opened the doors for our clients to an unlimited reader’s access. Apart from the Patent Database, we also provide a search tool encompassing trademarks from all across the globe. Our professional approach, along with ethical business policies has won the hearts of our clients. All queries relating to individual clients are treated on first-cum-first-serve basis, because of which we leave no room for confusions. Also, our professionals have in-depth knowledge about their respective fields. They put in their best efforts to come up with solutions that are best suited for individual clients.

    Understanding the need for innovations and protecting the same through Intellectual Property, we have initiated the IP Initial Program, through which we target various Researchers, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Strategists and other Policy Makers. Through this program, we aim at spreading awareness about what is IPR and why is it needed.

    Apart from this, we have conducted a number of Training Sessions, Seminars and Workshops for various Government Bodies, schools and colleges, thereby, imparting the correct knowledge about the Intellectual Property Rights and its benefits. We have also participated in numerable events on IPR not only in India but also abroad.

    All these reasons, summed up, have helped us in climbing the ladders of success. Client satisfaction, for us, is of utmost importance and therefore, we lay an emphasis on providing the best solutions to our clients.

  • Company Profile

    Incorporated in the year 2005, at New Delhi, India, Siddhast Intellectual Property Innovation (Pvt.) Ltd. holds dexterity in providing comprehensive Intellectual Property Database and Business Consulting Services. We are a one stop solution to all IPR services relating to Searching, Protecting and Licensing of Intellectual Property Rights, which includes Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights. Our team of adroit professionals works in close coordination with our clients and provides assistance in acquiring and modifying IPR.

    Our extensive portfolio of services includes searching through the Patent and Trademark Database, while analyzing the citations and graphs. Our easy-to-use search tools have enabled our users to search through the comprehensive databases, without increasing their load of work. We have conducted various events and seminars across the country. We have built a strong base over the SAARC countries.

    We at Siddhast, aim at maximizing our client satisfaction, because of which we work diligently in providing the best services that are in sync with the demands and requirements of our clients. We understand that the demands of individual clients are different. For this reason, we provide customized solutions to our clients, thereby, providing exceptional services in the field of Intellectual Property Rights.

    Our Mission
    Driven by innovative thinking, we aim to achieve our mission, which is to:

    “To increase the number of beneficiaries of new technology.”

    We are committed towards protecting the creative and innovative pieces of work in all spheres by building trust and confidence in the minds of our clients. We work towards preserving the heritage of the country by protecting the innovations and inventions that are being done by our people.

    Core Values

    Driven by core values, we at Sidhhast follow some unique principles, which help us in delivering the best quality products and services to our clients. Following are our core values:

    Honesty: We have always walked on the path of honesty. All our businesses are dealt with complete honesty by maintaining transparency in all our affairs. This has enabled us to stand ahead of our competitors. Our ethical policies form the backbone of our diversified forte.

    Compassion: The work environment we offer to our colleagues and customers is the result of compassion and care that we have for others. We understand the thin line that exists between a good organization and an excellent organization. The latter, which is what we aim at, can only be achieved through compassion.

    Perfection: To achieve the top position, we thrive to bring about perfection in all our dealings. Right form our routine work to the products and services we offer, we aim at attaining the highest level of perfection.

    Harmony: An organization is nothing but the summation of Colleagues and Customers. We work hard to bring about harmony in all our dealings. For a strong bonding to exist, harmony and cooperation become important.

    Responsibility: We thoroughly understand the importance of responsibility. A sense of responsibility is what binds us together with the customers. For relationships to flourish, we work hand in hand with all our customers and colleagues.