Why Siddhast ?

In a very short duration, we have earned recognition by providing excellent services to our clients. Backed by our Paid Search Databases, we have been engaged in offering excellent services to all our clients. Our comprehensive Patent Database comprises of nearly 50 million records covering 94 countries. Such an extensive coverage has opened the doors for our clients to an unlimited reader’s access. Apart from the Patent Database, we also provide a search tool encompassing trademarks from all across the globe. Our professional approach, along with ethical business policies has won the hearts of our clients. All queries relating to individual clients are treated on first-cum-first-serve basis, because of which we leave no room for confusions. Also, our professionals have in-depth knowledge about their respective fields. They put in their best efforts to come up with solutions that are best suited for individual clients.

Understanding the need for innovations and protecting the same through Intellectual Property, we have initiated the IP Initial Program, through which we target various Researchers, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Strategists and other Policy Makers. Through this program, we aim at spreading awareness about what is IPR and why is it needed.

Apart from this, we have conducted a number of Training Sessions, Seminars and Workshops for various Government Bodies, schools and colleges, thereby, imparting the correct knowledge about the Intellectual Property Rights and its benefits. We have also participated in numerable events on IPR not only in India but also abroad.

All these reasons, summed up, have helped us in climbing the ladders of success. Client satisfaction, for us, is of utmost importance and therefore, we lay an emphasis on providing the best solutions to our clients.