Casualty Management And Tracking System (CMTS)


Casualty Management And Tracking System (CMTS)



Casualty Management And Tracking System (CMTS) is used for tracking, managing, assigning recovery with the det and corresponding workshop as per the defect classification and available det spares.

Casualties are mapped on offline independent map loaded on the independent system, thereby making system full of security. CMTS is useful for Army basis,

1.2 Software Stack

This software uses following stacks-

  1. PHP
  2. Mysql/Mariadb
  3. Jquery
  4. OpenStreetMap
  5. Leaflet.js

1.3 Licence

Software licence on core basis with minimum 4 core licences for a stand alone system.

1.4 Hardware requirement-

Windows /Linux server,  Four core processor, 8 GB RAM, 400GB SSD

2.0 What is Casualty Management and Tracking System  

Casualty Management and tracking system tracks casualty from its breakdown to its recovery and covers everything from logging casualty and assigning recovery to generating post recovery reports.