One-Click Purchase is no more a monopoly in World

Amazon looses its exclusive hold on one of the most contentious patents of the internet age. A simple non-obvious invention which even a novice programmer  can reproduce, that paybacks a company a hefty amount of money is no more the golden egg laying hen for the ecommerce company. Of course the idea is not big indeed, but to be a first in applying patent sets amazon rule the ecommerce market. Thanks to the Indian Patent Act, Section 3, 1970 ,which denies the grant of patent on mathematical or business method or a computer programe per se or algorithms. A victory won by expedient paperwork and not by a really appreciable groundbreaking work is now giving the company’s rival a breath of freedom.

In interview with Mr. Roshan , COO of Siddhast IP Innovation “The companies now have to focus on giving customer , a satisfactory services rather than winning its competitors by such stupid and scrupulous means of just protecting a simple button.” exclaimed IPR expert.