Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

Ideas are the result of a thought process. An idea can go waste if it is not conceptualized. Therefore, for ideas to be termed as innovations, it is important to put them on paper. For this reason, the idea needs to be shared. The process of sharing these skills, knowledge, ideas and technologies with various government bodies and institutions to increase awareness and accessibility to a wider range of users is what is called as technology transfer. In simple words, we provide a platform to our clients for sharing knowledge and skills with a wider base, in order to generate income. “From conceptualization to commercialization” is what this process is referred as.

DIPro – Development of Ideas into Proto-type

We, at Siddhast, do not let the ideas go waste. Committed towards developing ideas into proto-types, we help our clients in generating income. With the pace at which advancements are being made in all fields of technology, it becomes mandatory to convert simple and innovative ideas into real-time prototypes, so as to benefit the human kind by generating revenue and adding to the national wealth. We, as a facilitator, play an important role in technology transfer by assisting researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers in developing their ideas into proto-types. Our role does not end here. Ideas lead to innovations, and innovations generate the need for Intellectual Property. At Siddhast, under one roof, all these activities are taken care of.

Benefits of Technology Transfer:

  • An increase in the number of innovations, further, increases the possibility of generation of economic income.
  • When ideas are shared, it opens the doors to a vast amount of knowledge that can be utilized by entrepreneurs, universities and R&D centers.
  • Conceptualization to commercialization is achieved at a much faster pace.
  • The cost of R&D drastically gets reduced.

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