Panchayat Certification Management System Software (PCMS)

Modules in PCMS, The citizen services modules in PCMS are:

  1. Birth & Death Registration and Certification
  2. House Tax
  3. Old Age and Other Pensions
  4. Works Monitoring
  5. Financial Accounting & Book Keeping
  6. Water Connection and Water Tax
  7. Assets Accounting
  8. Grievance Redressed
  9. Building and Layout Permissions
  10. Land Records Access

Features in PCMS Software   

The main features of the various software modules of PCMS – (Knowledge Based Panchayat) are Below Poverty Line – Enumeration

  • Village Level Planning
  • Meetings Management
  • Self Help Groups related information management
  • Monitoring Attendance in GP Meetings
  • Managing Information related to the Meetings at Mandal / District Officials Managing Information related to the assignments of the Superior Officers related to the Village.
  • Managing the information related to the GP Property.
  • Managing Information related to the weaker section Housing Program Encroachments related information Maintenance.
  • Managing Information related to the Atrocities against Women & Children (if any)
  • Gram Panchayat Registers Computerization
  • Communicable Diseases related information management.
  • Tax demands, receipts generation, revenue accounting.
  • Anti Malarial Spraying related information management.
  • Crops related information management.
  • Anganwadies, Balwadies related information management.
  • Generation of Certificates for citizens.
  • Tree Plantation & Protection related information management.
  • Maintain Sanitation related information.
  • Maintaining information related to the atrocities against SC, ST (if any)
  • Planning & Implementation related information management.
  • VTDA related information maintenance.
  • Relief & Rehabilitation related information management.
  • Untouchability Eradication Programmers related information maintenance. Assistance to AP TRANSCO related information maintenance.
  • Enrolment related information management.
  • Minimum Wages Act violation related information maintenance.
  • Maintaining information for organizing Literacy Classes
  • Birth – Death Registration related information management.
  • Crop Coverage Information management.
  • Marriage Registration information management.
  • Extension Information management for dissemination.
  • Grama Sabha- Beneficiaries Information management.
  • Managing land Information for of Crops
  • Property Details information maintenance.

Maintenance of Agriculture Statistics

Managing Information for Serving Legal Notices (as and when required) Maintaining information to ensure up-keep of Display boards & Assets Managing information related to village level events to Inform Public. Maintaining information related to Black Marketing of Inputs for reporting. Managing information to assist in Loan Recovery.

Maintaining Weavers Information for reporting.

Maintaining information related to Panchanamas conducted.

  • Managing information for generating and issuing Dependency Certificate to Weavers
  • Managing information to ensure safety of Govt Attached Property.
  • Managing information to ensure better Co-ordination among various Agencies operating in the village.
  • Managing information for performing Election Duties
  • Managing information related to Govt. Programs for public participation.
  • Maintaining information to inform Police about unlawful incidents.
  • Managing the information related to village Teachers for better laisoining.
  • Managing Information to Organize Meetings for Community work
  • System to Report Accidents immediately to higher ups.
  • System to ensure Co-ordination among all Departments right from hamlet level to the state level.
  • Manage Information related to the Old age Pension Scheme.
  • Maintenance of information to ensure Clean and Green
  • System to report Epidemics Outbreak in time.
  • System to provide Marketing Services
  • Managing information related to the Community Welfare & Development
  • Other information, Counseling, Transaction Processing (including payment), certification, authentication, grievance redressed etc., services are included in e-Panchayat.