IPR Awareness

We treat IPR as an intangible asset, which serves as a competitive advantage to any nation. A large market lies unexplored and untapped in this domain. For this reason, we aim at spreading awareness about the Intellectual Property Rights. Siddhast IP Innovation has initiated the Intellectual Property Awareness Program known as IP-INITIAL to give an in-depth view of Intellectual Property and Copyright Issue across the country to spread the knowledge.

The objective of this program is to familiarize the participants with the basic theory and practice of IP regimes in an organization in India and abroad. This involves looking into the specific cases of competitive advantage, thereby, protecting the same through Intellectual Property Rights. Under this awareness program, we also aim at familiarizing the responsibility of industries involved in Intellectual Property Trade. We also bring forth the concept, called “From Mind to Market, wherein, we appreciate dimensions of licensing associated with IP Protection. Our IP-INITIAL program is quite a comprehensive program which covers all aspects that are needed in the present time and age. Driven by an increasing demand for knowledge, the focus has shifted on stimulating the innovations and, further, improving the technological advancements.

It has been fore-casted that India will soon become the hub of knowledge driven activity. Therefore, it becomes important for us to bring in the concept of Intellectual Property Rights by enabling and protecting innovations and providing support for strategic decisions. Keeping the above objectives in mind, we target research scholars, entrepreneurs and strategists of companies, who are involved in various innovative practices and other such activities. We have, therefore, taken up the initiative to train these professionals, thereby carving a path for protecting Intellectual Property Rights.

This program will prove to be beneficial for Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Senior Policy Makers, Scientists, Authors, Strategists and other professionals in the field of literary and art works. Various educational and academic institutions will also benefit from this program, since most innovations happen in these institutions.

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