How to Become a Indian Patent Agent

Steps to become an Indian patent agent are:

Step 1: Verify that you meet the prerequisites

You must possess valid engineering or a science degree

The India Intellectual Property Office (IPO or CGPTDM) administers the Examination and maintains the Register of Patent Agents in accordance with the official rules.

Office of controller general of patents in india organize Patent Agent Qualifying Examination, for exact deadlines you should visit indian patent office website.

Step 2: Prepare for the Examination

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consult and prepare with past patent agent examination papers

Step 3: Register for the Examination

N.B. There is a strict deadline to register for the examination. Obtain that date from office of CGPTDM

When you are eligible to take the exam, you must register for examination at indian patent office website.

Step 4: Write the Examination

The examination is held in person in many cities in india.

There are 3 papers that must be successfully passed:

Paper A – office practise /rules /regulation (Mainly miltiple choise)

Paper B – drafting

and Followed by VIVA voice paper

Step 5: Register as a Patent Agent

When passed all your papers, you may write to the CGPDTM and request to be added to the Register of Patent Agents and pay a fee in order to be authorized to practice in india. You will need to pay an annual fee in order to remain on the list.