Deodorant liquid from cow urine

Cows and Patents , in this section we will know important and usefull patents which are applied in various patent office around the globe on cow and its utility.

Today’s Patent is on “Deodorant liquid and its production” 

This patent application applied in Japan patent office.  This patent application provide a method for producing a deodorant liquid which can be mass-produced inexpensively by using domestic animal’s urine and humus and has a high deodorant effect and durability. SOLUTION: Humus F of equal weight to the biological oxygen demand(BOD) of a biotreatment tank 2 is charged into the tank 2 for storing domestic animal’s urine U, and the mixture is agitated by air for several days. When sludge D is generated, and a urine odor is eliminated, the urine U is supplied to the tank 2 to control a BOD volume load to be 0. 5 kg/ or below, and the urine U mixed with the humus F is transferred to a precipitation tank 3 to be subjected to solid-liquid separation into supernatant V and sludge D. The quality of the supernatant V is controlled to be NH4-N: 5 ppm or below, NO2-N 1 ppm of below, NO-N: 3 ppm or below, and the number of calibacillus groups: 100/mg.

Priority date 1998-07-15
Filing date 1998-07-15
Publication date  2000-02-02 .
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