Customer Relationship Management Software

CRM (Customer Relationship Management), CRM software is a category of software that covers a broad set of applications designed to help businesses manage many of the following business processes-

  • Customer interaction
  • Access business information
  • Automate sales
  • Track leads
  • Contracts
  • Marketing
  • Customer support
  • Clients and contacts
  • Support vendor / partner relationships
  • Employees
  • Knowledge and training
  • Assets or resources
  • Customer data

While CRM software is most commonly used to manage a business-customer relationship, CRM software systems are also used in the same way to manage business contacts, employees, clients, contract wins and sales leads. Typically, CRM software is used in the enterprise, however many products scale and can be used in a business of any size


Software Domain / Type Customer Relationship Management Software
Types of License Annual Subscription
Deployment option Cloud
Maximum user handling capability Up to 500
Installation No
OEM Model / Part No Siddhast CRM
Brief Description of the Software Product Siddhast Customer Relationship Management System
Software Version V 1.0
Date of Launch of Version 2019
Number of Years up to which Support is available from OEM / Seller 1


CUSTOMER SERVICE FEATURES 1. Customer backup and restore,

2. Customer Insights service,

3. Data Export service,

4. Document suggestions,

5. Customer activity and connectivity status,

6. Customer Priority Classification,

7. Escalation Matrix and Case classification,

8. Multi-channel contact center,

9. CTI Integration (Computer Telephony Integration),

10. IVR Integration(Interactive Voice Response ),

11. Interaction logging,

12. Integrated Knowledge Management,

13. Real-time appointment booking and scheduling,

14. Inventory management,

15. Contract and agreement management,

16. Field Service,

17. Self-service portals for non-CRM audience,

18. Project-based sales with project service capabilities,

19. Remote service with field service capabilities,

20. SLAs for custom entities and other system entities,

21. Track progress of SLA KPIs with timer control,

22. Integrated with Unified Service Desk,

23. Merge cases,

24. Add i-Frames and web resources,

25. Configure lookup field properties to show filtered records,

26. Access forms and dashboards using keyboard navigation,

27. Integrated with interactive service hub,

28. Telemetry,

29.Use surveys to collect feedback from customers,

30. Prioritize workloads with new interactive service hub dashboards and forms,

31. Reduce case call-handling time with rich knowledge management articles,

32. Parts Availability,

33. Connected & Disconnected Mobile Service,

34. Service Analytics,

35. Help Desk


CRM Connectors and Apps features in the offered product 1. CRM administration ,

2. App for e-mail enhancements ,

3. Editable grids ,

4. Field Service enhancements ,

5. Gasification,

6. Learning Path (guided help) customization ,

7. Link CRM business object types to a case like Problems and Solutions form Knowledge base, products, base components, etc ,

8. Case Hierarchies to manage similar cases ,

9. Case Management to set child status to cases under a header


Mobile features in the offered product 1. Mobile homepage with Relationship Insights,

2. Mobile management enhancements,

3. Mobile Offline Data API,

4. Mobile UI productivity,

5. Modular business apps,

6. Online customer backup and restore,

7. Partner Portal enhancements,

8. Portal service enhancements,

9. Relationship Insights (Features include Email Engagement, Auto Capture, and Relationship Assistant),

10. Relevance Search,

11. Resource scheduling optimization,

12. Scheduling unification,

13. Task-based experiences,

14. Faster mobile app preparation after customization,

15. Visual process designer,

16.Rich mobile offline experience,

17. Mobile devices conditional access,

18. Service reps search for, view, create, and edit knowledge articles,

19. Sales professionals manage quotes, orders, and invoices,

20. Manage mobile devices,

21. Export data to Excel from CRM for phones and tablets,

22. Email a link to a page from CRM for phones and tablets,

23. Provide modern user interface with the new visual controls in CRM for phones and tablets


Productivity features in the offered product 1. Word templates,

2. Excel templates


Email & SMS Integration Features in the offered product 1. Client and Server based Groupware (Outlook) integration,

2. Monitor mailbox health using the improved server-side synchronization Performance dashboard,

3. SMS integration for sending status updates


Intelligence Features in the offered product 1. Cloud-based Machine Learning product recommendations,

2. Cloud-based Machine Learning knowledge base suggestions


Analytics features in the offered product 1. Organization Insights Dashboard shows system usage stats,

2. Pre-built CRM analytics,

3.Visual Dashboard,

4. Customizable dashboards,

5. Predictive Analytics,

6. Mobile Enable Analytics


Customization Features in the offered product 1. Feedback and ratings on entities,

2. Customer field for any entity


SDK Features in the offered product 1. Create customer attributes for any entity


Navigation & User Interface Features in the offered product 1. Multiple colour themes,

2. Rename menus


CRM Marketing feature in the offered product 1. Campaign Management ,

2. Events Management,

3. Response and Lead Management ,

4. Partner & Channel Marketing


CRM for public sector feature in the offered product 1. Low code policy definition,

2. Application Intake,

3. Application Assessment,

4. Entitlement calculations & payments


Contact centre feature in the offered product 1.Multi-channel contact center,


Min RAM Size required 8 GB or more
CPU required >= Quadcre x64 2GHz
Other specifications, if any Requiremnts may vary
Operating Systems supported WinsvrStd/DC2016 abv/redhat linux latest version
Supported Technology/ Platform NA
Supported Databses SQLsvr Std/Ent/mysql/mareaDB
Supported Web Browsers Crome, internet explorer, fire fox
Supported Servers NA


Free Up gradation to Higher Version within support period Yes
Valid Licence copy to be provided Yes
Software supplied through URL Link
Certifications / Benchmarking of Software Products MAF required
List of items included in the package Siddhast CRM
Hyper link to Data sheet
No of Software sold 1
Number of Software deployment/Installed in Govt Department from OEM 0
Details of Government Department email, phone no Of concerned authority where Software /Appliance installed for above 0