CDN Service

CDN Service

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Service helps in reducing the load of hits on the Server by providing the distributed dissemination points for accessing the information or content in selected geographical locations across the globe.
Content Delivery Network (CDN) achieve following:
  • On-Demand Scalability – Delivery of live streaming with websites/on-demand/Archived Videos/Audio/Podcasting Services by improving the end user experience via peak load handling& high availability. The CDN services shall be able to scale incrementally to meet demand during the event or at the time of content delivery/distribution.
  • Reliability–Provide dashboard to view web analytics on profiling of accessibility by users. The content should be delivered as it is from the origin and should not be changed/modified/altered or updated at CDN level by any means. The CDN Service Provider shall ensure that the purposed services shall be available 100% of the time.
  • Security – Provideadequate Security as described under the golden parameters chosen by Buyer.
  • Performance–The content delivered through the CDN services shall not degrade the performance of the origin website or content in any manner, even if the number of hits on the website increases exponentially. The CDN Service Provider should have adequate or more idle/ spare capacity available to handle spikes in traffic. The CDN service shall support all types of desktop & mobile devices.

The following table contains the broader scope & criteria for CDN Services to be complied upon by the Service Provider:

S. No Criteria Description
CDN Strength
1 Real time monitoring, reporting and management features through dashboard The view should be customizable with minimum 5 role-based access for each website separately. There should not be any restrictions of no. of users and concurrent logins in total.
2 Support for Mobile devices including live streaming CDN should support live streaming on all sort of mobile devices
3 High-Availability (Origin should be up and DNS) 100% availability
4 Change request for any addition/removal of website should be implemented  Within 48 Hrs
5 Archived Content – Analytic reports, geographic information etc. should be made available on demand GUI based analytics reports as much as possible with 30 Days Archival must on basis of Real-time which may construed as:

a) within 15 minutes for media Analytics;

b) within 24hrs for Websites.

6 CDN capacity The CDN service provider should have 60% or more idle capacity of ordered value available to handle spikes in traffic.
7 Cache content Availability 99.50%
8 The http/https calls to origin server should be minimized
9 log delivery to client location or by email.
10 Change/Update TLS CDN Owner / Channel Partner would be responsible to update latest certificates
11 Whitelisting of Edge IPs /range of IPs preferable in India IP address pool of the edge server has to be shared for whitelisting
12 Security of Data Security of data’ also encompasses integrity and confidentiality during transit. Data should not be leaked to a third party prior to publishing.
13 Should be capable for handling HTTPS or SSL (latest TLS) based websites The communication between origin and edge servers should also be on HTTPS
Streaming Media and Analytics
14 Stream Protection Stream theft should be taken care i.e. the visitor cannot see the video origin link and cannot embed the video on his webpage.  Pre-defined Token based protection
15 Media analytics for live/on-demand stream Through dashboard or any alternative source showing no. of real time concurrent users, visitors and other related details including Geo Locations, Country wise, ISPs, Browsers, Devices Types etc.
16 Number of websites and live streams There should not be any restriction in number of websites and number of live streams
Data Confidentiality /Integrity
17 Archival of secured data – 30 Days CDN Owner/Authorized partner should not archive without explicit permission from competent authority/ Buyer.
18 Domain Names including top level CDN Owner / Authorized channel partner should allow delivery of content for all sort of domains which includes but not limited, .in etc.
34 Confidentiality of data CDN Service provider should not store any secured information of any application without seeking permissions from concerned authority
35 Service Support CDN Service Provider should have a fully functional 24 x 7 x 365 Customer Support Centre based in India.
38 24X7 Customer support in India email & telephonic support
39 Single Point of Contact from OEM  To expedite support and immediate response.