Unusual Technical Talent In Jhansi

With the flow of present Governance India is increasing day by day in mainly all sorts of sector you just name it, it’s all in the acceleration mode, and Information Technology is one of them. In India the status of the IT Stream is growing at top gear. Today India provides support to the IT Infrastructure for major companies globally and the roots of this industry are drilling deep down contributing essential part towards the growth rate of our country. Talking about Uttar Pradesh on the ground of IT development, today the region contains a bag full of opportunities with progressive potential. In the recent past India’s most IT companies establishment were nucleated in  Northern and southern part of the country but as per the current geopolitics, Jhansi, (Bundelkhand region, Uttar Pradesh) is noticed with unusual development which is coming out of disguise in the limelight for IT development. Jhansi a city with average literacy rate of 75% is now becoming home of Geeky talents and is now coming forward and is Gearing up to join the IT Fleet of India, to name a few from the city’s hall of fame, have a look below .






Amit Singhal, (born September 1968) was a senior vice president at Google Inc. having been a Google Fellow and the head of Google’s Search team for 15 years. Amit Born in Jhansi. Singhal ran Google’s core search quality department where he and his team were responsible for the Google search algorithms. According to The New York Times, Singhal was the “master” of Google’s ranking algorithm                

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Roshan Agarwal ( born july 1980)  CEO, Siddhast IP PVT Ltd. Mr Roshan Is man of talent with ability of dealing with multiple domains and holds a vision in the technical development of the region. He is an Engineer by profession. Siddhast shares contribution in creation of India’s first full text patent search engine inPass for Indian Patent office. Company also runs a CSR initiative for technology advancements by running Linux group where hunt for upbringing talents in IT are nurtured. As stated he is a man of multiple domain,  Roshan Agarwal has shown his versatility by taken parts in various conferences like GIPC 2010, Banglore.

The talent is now rooting out fruits as the city develops with technical studies with some extraordinary colleges, let’s take up an old proverb here “work steps-up to up gear if given a good environment with resources”, same goes with the city environment and Jhansi have that part too, the natural aspect of the city Provides such platform to its Geeky minds to roll out in a productive way, a perfect example justifying the statement is in Orcha(Place with small distance from Jhansi as a distance of two breads making up a sandwich) there are regular visitors from different countries who stay here completing their projects. It is anticipated that soon with the development of Defence Corridor in the city and furnishing the city as a smart city, a targeted plan is also set up for development of the IT Industry  providing potential to the people of the regions who due to some constraints and barriers are not able to work outside. In the past years a revolutionary change is noticed in the region as several initiatives are popping up like formation of tech groups/forums where discussion of common interest are exchanged, codes are developed new talents are seen. Innovations are seeding up. So finally i would do Justice by stating Jhansi as the future Silicon Valley of India with land of unbeatable potential and awesome opportunities for engineering graduates.