Automatic building plans and approval management system

A web based enterprise solution to check & scrutinize the building plans matching with rules engine already present in the software. The software enables the authorities to check the correctness of the drawings, generate technical reports instantly, stores the data for future purposes, generates MIS reports, calculate the fees to be paid,etc.
The building permission process is to a large extent an analogue process where much information is handled in paper format or as PDF files. With the ongoing digitization in society, there is a potential to automate this process by integrating Building Information Models (BIM) of planned buildings and geo spatial data to check if a
building conforms to the building permission regulations.

More on how BIM is used to automate approval can be find on following link.

Dynamic reports

Reports are customized and produced in regional language Plot area report, MIS report, Failed item reports Detailed report along with associated rules Automated workflow and alerts Approval process can be mapped dynamically using rule based template Scrutiny of documents classified as ownership, NOC and affidavits Email or SMS bases alerts and notifications Hand held devices (PDA) integrated to capture information at site Flexibility of customization Customization as per specifications of corporations Local language support